Selected Stories

Some of these are also available in audio and in translation.

A Tiger in Eden (Flash Fiction Online, 2023)

They walk a safe distance apart, the woman who will become a tiger and the lover she will devour, a distance that to outward eyes appears wholly lacking in suspicion... [read]

So The Dreadnought Agamemnon, on Course to Conquer the Peaceful Moon of Re (Galaxy's Edge, 2023)

As when an airship, streaming westward soon after dawn into the city, is silhouetted by the sun and dilates like a pupil as it makes its final approach with the slow, steady pace of massive things; so the dreadnought Agamemnon, on course to conquer the peaceful moon of Re, awoke... [read]

Power is Love in the Devil's Eyes (Flash Fiction Online, 2023)

So I'm up on my podium gyrating my bits for the gawpers, when who do I see wriggling his way through the crowd? Mickey the fucking Fish... [read]

Suddenly, I Remember Camelot (Orion's Belt, 2022)

My mother stands up and goes to the window. As she pushes open the glass, a breeze wafts in from the garden, bringing with it the scent of unkempt grass, wildflowers, and the promise of rain. —And suddenly, I remember Camelot... [read]

The Flamingo Maximizer (Flash Fiction Online, 2022)

Someone must have fucked up at the zoo, Rhodri thinks when he wakes up one morning and sees a flamingo standing on his recycling bin... [read]

In a World without Bluebells (Flash Fiction Online, 2022)

In this part of the world, spring paints each roadside bank and woodland patch a shock of brightest indigo, composed at closer look of delicate bluebells in their thousands... [read]

Across the Moor towards the Lights (Kaleidotrope, 2022)

A light flickered in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and stared off into the moor's deep darkness, relieved for the moment of distraction. "That's them, missus," Old Mac said. "The will-o'-wisps."... [read]

Peach Child, Woman, Stone (Flash Fiction Online, 2022)

Yes, there were peaches, fresh peaches from the mountains, on the table that afternoon... [read]

The Dutiful Son (The Cafe Irreal, 2022)

When Johannes receives the news that his father is dying, he rushes without delay to be by the old man's bedside.... [read]

Hidden in Her Wild Red Eyes (Daily Science Fiction, 2021)

At dawn on the first day of spring, I wake to the clamour of the gentlemen leaving the city on their horses, the morning sun glinting on the bright barbs of their hunting spears and the iron talons of their giant hawks.... [read]

Art, and Wit, and Changing (Kaleidotrope, 2021)

I'm waiting for you. Nine months, feeling you mature in my belly, convinced I am your enemy, waiting to take your revenge.... [read]

All Our Secrets Thus Revealed (Daily Science Fiction, 2020)

He phased into view in the middle of the stage, punctiliously dressed in a top hat and tails, his translucence diminishing nothing of his inscrutability. When I asked for his name, he gave only the Magnificent Benvolio... [read]

Secret Keepers (Flash Fiction Online, 2020)

That night, I bring home buckets of rocks plucked from the shore and spread them across the driftwood table in our dining room... [read]

Gingerbread (Flash Fiction Online, 2020)

The last time he saw the house he was glancing back over his shoulder as he and his sister fled into the trees, handfuls of snatched jewels heavy in their pockets, the smell of burning flesh coating their nostrils like black tar... [read]

Sleep, Dragon (Daily Science Fiction, 2020)

Soon after the old man wakes, he takes his lyre to the cave where the sleepless dragon guards the golden hoard of a long-dead king and plays songs he hopes will send it to sleep... [read]

The Colossus Stops (Daily Science Fiction, 2019)

When the Colossus stops moving, the silence hits the island like a thunderclap. The creak and screech of its enormous limbs have been a constant companion to each of us since birth, a lovingly cooed lullaby, now so suddenly, so violently, absent... [read]

A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io (Flash Fiction Online, 2019)

The Lady waits for the Duke in a body as fragile as sugar glass, resting her head against the cool marble of the colonnade that circles the Hall of the Nobles of Io... [read]

I Will You Back to Time and Space (Flash Fiction Online, 2018)

You are ten years unborn on the evening of the day that will soon become known as G-day... [read]

Invasion (600 Second Saga, 2017)

It had taken Mauve almost an entire standard year to get a table at the restaurant—Invasion, a trendy new pop-up on a rapidly gentrifying moon... [read]

The Most Reasonable House in Faerie (Deep Magic, 2017)

"The one thing I lack," Loosestrife said, assuming a pose that accentuated his trousers to their fullest glory, "the one thing that will secure my position for good, is a servant—a human servant!"... [read]

The Greyhound (Daily Science Fiction, 2016)

"Why is your skirt wet?" The question never comes, though I often expect it. On the Greyhound, everyone's interested in each other's secrets... [read]