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Dafydd McKimm is a speculative fiction writer producing mainly short and flash-length stories. He was born and grew up in the glove-shaped valleys of South Wales, but now lives in the sprawling East Asian metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan. His work has appeared in a number of short-fiction venues, including Deep Magic, Daily Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, and Syntax & Salt.

Contact: dafydd.mckimm [at] gmail.com

Read My Work

The following stories provide a good introduction to my work and are all available to read free online:

Sleep, Dragon (Daily Science Fiction, 2020)

The Colossus Stops (Daily Science Fiction, 2019)

A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io (Flash Fiction Online, 2019)

I Will You Back to Time and Space (Flash Fiction Online, 2018)

If you'd like to read more, a full list of my published fiction can be found here.

Latest News

23.03.20: "Gingerbread" is featured in Maria Haskins' Quarterly Short Fiction Roundup over at Strange Horizons

10.03.20: Read Charles Payseur's review of "Gingerbread" over at Quick Sip Reviews

01.03.20: "Gingerbread" is published in Flash Fiction Online

31.01.20: "Sleep, Dragon" is published in Daily Science Fiction

20.12.19: "A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io" is featured in Maria Haskins' Recommended Reading List 2019

9.10.19: "The Greyhound" is featured in F(r)iction Magazine's October Literary Horoscopes

1.10.19: "An Elegy for May in the Forest of the Noble Spacemen" is published in Syntax & Salt

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