Dafydd McKimm is a professional speculative fiction writer producing mainly short and flash-length stories.

He was born and grew up in the glove-shaped valleys of South Wales, read English at Trinity College, Cambridge, and shortly after moved to the sprawling East Asian metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan, where he currently resides.

His work has appeared in a number of short-fiction venues, including Deep Magic, Daily Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, and Syntax & Salt.

He is a member of the Codex writers' community online and the Taiwan Fantasy & Sci-Fi Writers' Group in Taipei.

For news on his latest publications, follow him on Twitter @DafyddMcKimm.


You can read some of my most recent short stories here . . .

When the Colossus stops moving, the silence hits the island like a thunderclap. The creak and screech of its enormous limbs have been a constant companion to each of us since birth . . .

The Lady waits for the Duke in a body as fragile as sugar glass, resting her head against the cool marble of the colonnade that circles the Hall of the Nobles of Io . . .

I’m swimming through the void, a great winged whale fortified against the cosmic deep, when the message comes, relayed from an orbiter I long thought defunct . . .

. . . or check out my stories page for a complete bibliography.