Dafydd McKimm writes speculative short fiction . . .

Dafydd McKimm is a speculative fiction writer producing primarily short and flash-length stories. His work has appeared in publications such as Deep Magic, Daily Science Fiction, Kaleidotrope, Syntax & Salt, 600 Second Saga, Flash Fiction Online, The Best of British Science Fiction, The Best of British Fantasy, & elsewhere.

He was born and grew up in Wales but now lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

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The Most Reasonable House in Faerie
A 7,000 word fantasy story previously available only in Deep Magic magazine.

Faerie gentleman Loosestrife Foulweather has recently gone up in the world. To cement his station as one of the Fay's nouveau riche, Loosestrife plans to get his hands on that most elusive of status-defining possessions—a human servant. However, such a thing is nowadays hard to come by in the Lands Beyond the Fields We Know. Not to be deterred, Loosestrife decides to create one for himself . . .

"Absolutely delightful from the very first sentence. Well-to-do gentlemen fae, well-constructed satire, and a surprise ending. Delicious. (5 stars)" — Casie, Goodreads